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Carla Stevens Glass Art

Prices & Product Information

I do all of the glass work and casting of concrete. The concrete is mixed with fiber and acrylic fortifier. Also when cast, it is reinforced with rebar and a metal mesh for strong durable garden art.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones range from $40 (simple dragonfly) - $100 depending on the amount of glass work

Sizes are: 16" square- 15" circle- 18" circle- 22" circle- 16" hexagon- 14" heart- 22" octagon

Pet Memorials from Photo

Your pet in glass from your photo

Reg. Stepping Stone $125 Lrg. Stepping Stone (22") $150 Bench $250 & up Full glass bench $400 & up


Small Benches starting @ $150    Full glass $300 & up

Large Benches starting @ $250     Full glass $400 & up

Custom Benches get quote....price really depends on the glass design/drawing/intricacy

Small curved 31"X 14"

Small Straight 31" X 14"

Large Curved 40"X 14"

Large Straight 40"X 17"

Small leg

2 column leg

" big bastard"

large fluted leg

Custom Windows

Custom Windows are approx. $150 per sq ft. There is a $150 upfront design fee that is credited to your custom window price.


Tables start at $500 for a set like this one. These are re-purposed tables and chairs.